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Product Specifications

Kata  3N1 33 DL Sling Backpack #KT-DL-3N1-33  

Caractéristiques principales

Type de Sac:  sling style backpack

Couleur(s) Disponible(s):  noir

Kata-3N1 33 DL Sling Backpack #KT-DL-3N1-33-Sacs et Étuis
Description Specifications


Capacité de Résistance à l'Eau

Housse revêtement contre la pluie

Capacité Modulaire

Laptop Compartment  
This bag features a padded laptop compartment which will allow you to always have your computer at hand and easily accessible. Please check the Kata bag Chooser for compatible laptop models.
Trolley Compatible
This bag is compatible with trolley ( sold separately) - a simple yet ingenious system that allows you to carry the case, or even several cases at once, on a trolley. Simply slide the trolley through the integrated sleeve on any of KATA's compatible cases for secure and easy mobility. You can detach the trolley when you want to store it, or for maintenance.
Rain cover 
The provided rain cover will protect your valuable equipment during extreme weather conditions.
On Board  
These bags were designed to comply with on board luggage regulations. Do note that different air lines might have more restricting rules. We recommend checking with your air lines for current luggage restriction before purchase.

Vue d'ensemble

3N1-33 DL Sling Backpack
  • The unique 3N1-33 DL bag provides three carrying options in one, morphing from right sling to backpack to left sling. Changing carrying positions is fast and easy by use of its quick release buckles. The 3N1-33 carries a Pro-DSLR with battery pack and lens attached plus additional lenses and other equipment. OR compact video camcorder with accessories, The easy access laptop compartment comfortably carries up to 15.4 inch laptop. Outfitting the main compartment to suit your carrying needs is done easily with the provided padded modular dividers.
Bring your Essentials
  • The 3N1-33 carries and protects a Pro-DSLR with battery pack and long-range zoom lens attached, as well as 5-6 additional lenses, flash + 15.4'' laptop and personal gear. The large top compartment holds personal accessories or additional gear.
Three Bags in One
  • With three different carrying options, you can use the 3N1 any way you feel comfortable. Both right sling and left sling positions provide fast access to your camera and gear while shooting. In backpack or ''X'' position you can comfortably carry your equipment for long distances when needed.
Quick Draw
  • In sling position, the bag easily swings around from back to front to access to your main camera and backup lenses, and provide a platform for fast and easy changing of lenses.
X Position
  • This position, with the straps across your chest, allows you to enjoy the comfort of a backpack along with the ability to swing the bag around easily for quick drawing your camera. Simply release one of the buckles and swing the bag around to draw, then put the camera back and swing the bag back again.
  • Our award-winning design team redesigned the 3N1-33 DL to be lighter, with a new sleek geometrical streamlined look that makes it attractive as well as functional.
Modular Configuration
  • The entire main compartment is completely customizable with the padded divider system. If you prefer to use it as a right sling, simply configure the bag with camera grip on the left side and vice versa. This will allow you to quick draw your camera easily from the side you prefer. Less frequently used lenses and accessories can be packed in the rest of the bag.
Additional Storage
  • The large top compartment holds personal gear, and additional equipment can be stored in the internal pocket. Two external pockets allow quick zippered access to accessories without opening the main compartments.
Memory Dividers
  • Special Memory dividers store smaller accessories such as memory cards and cables.
Tripod Straps
  • Tripod Straps allow you to carry a small field tripod by simply attaching it to the front of the bag using the straps.
Rain Cover
  • The included rain cover can be hung out to dry, or tucked away for storage in one of the pockets.
Insertrolley Compatible
  • The DL-3N1 is compatible with the standart insertrolley (sold separately) for wheel along transportation, or can be placed over an existing trolley handle.
3N1 Family
  • Four different sizes, as well as a set of 3N1's with laptop compartment, allow you to select the bag that is right for your kit.



flash, accessoires, 15.4" laptop, 5 - 6 Objectif supplémentaires, Appareil photo numérique à  reflex DSLR


17cm x 28cm x 29cm

Mécanisme de Fermeture

fermeture éclair

Compartiment pour Objectif


Transporteur de Trépied


Poche pour Accessoires


Compartiment pour Calepin



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Type de Sac

sling style backpack



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